Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Don't Need Anything That I Don't Have

I've got a list of "Things I Need/Want To Do Before I Leave The Country" going. Seeing friends, spending time with the fam, visiting favorite places, eating favorite foods, yadda yadda yadda. This weekend, by the grace of God and pure dumb luck, I was able to cross a very important one off my list; see Glen Phillips again. 

Glen @ The Triple Door
the same weekend I graduated from massage school and turned 26. Yeah!

Tortola has a very vibrant music scene and I'm super stoked for the bands and musicians I'll be exposed to and fall in love with while I'm there. However, I have a deep and passionate love for a few musicians and artists back here in the States and I was worried I wouldn't get the chance to see them again before I took off. In February I got to see Jonathan Kingham, one of the dudes on my list. It was a fun show and it introduced me to another phenomenal local musician named Ryan Shea Smith (I was HOOKED from the start, kid you not. He's goooooood. In addition, he's a super nice guy and very, very handsome. Swoon.). 

Then, this past Friday, I landed my great white whale; I saw Glen Phillips perform live one more time. Glen, as most of my close friends and family know, is my very very favorite musician. His music was introduced to me by one of my dearest friends (who has turned me on to most of my favorites, now that I think about it) and I like to say that Glen provides the soundtrack to my life. I started listening to him during an extremely tumultuous time in my life, full of change and hurt and heartache and uncertainty. I often felt, and still do, that his music is speaking directly to me. Through good times and bad, for almost any mood or experience I'm having, there's a Glen song that fits. I have seen him live 7 or 8 times (I think, and that doesn't count the 4 times I've seen him play with Toad The Wet Sprocket!), most of those by myself, and they are honest-to-goodness religious experiences for me. I've met him a few times and he's as genuine as his music. I just hoped and prayed that he'd come to the PNW one last time before October 2012. So when he posted to Facebook that a Seattle show had been scheduled, at the Triple Door no less (where I saw him and Jonathan in 2008), I immediately bought a front row ticket for myself. Prayers answered!

Me and Glen! 3 years (and 50lbs...whoa) ago @ Urban Grace Church, Tacoma WA.

The show? AMAZING. I posted to my Facebook that it was probably one of the top 10 evenings of my life, and that's no joke. The concert was perfect. I had an amazing seat right at the lip of the stage, ordered some wine and the duck entree that Kate loves so much, and prepared myself for the experience. Jonathan was opening which I knew about and was SUPER jazzed. Then he came out and said he had his friend Ryan with him and I about peed myself. The night just got better and better! They were spot on, as was to be expected. And then...Glen. Sigh. He was in perfect voice, did many of my favorite songs, was witty and weird as always, and it was so soothing to my soul. I had the biggest grin plastered to my face all night. 

At first I was mad at myself for forgetting my camera but then I decided that no, I wanted these memories to be all mine. Just for me. This night meant so much more to me then just another concert; it was the rush of memories that come with so many of Glen's songs, the excitement when I can tell what song is next by the first chord or notes, the laughter at Jonathan's rapping about my embarrassing outburst to the attractive pianist during a song, the camaraderie of being with other true fans and knowing that they feel the same kind of excitement and happiness that I do...I didn't want to share that with someone who didn't "get it". I have those all to myself, forever and ever. Or until I lose my mind. Either way. It was a perfect evening for me, and I am so glad that was the last Glen concert I'll see for most likely a very long time. 

Ryan, Jonathan, and Glen. ALL TOGETHER. Jeezy Creezy!
4/13/12 @ The Triple Door, Seattle WA. Photo courtesy Sean Bendickson.

At the end of the concert he came back out for an encore and did one of my absolute favorites, which could not have topped off the night any better:

I've got gardens growing, quiet days
Clothes on my back and food on my plate
Got friends to help me if I call for them 
I don't need anything that I don't have

Got eyes to see this beautiful land
And feet to take me where I want to stand
If there's work to be done there's these two strong hands
I don't need anything that I don't have

Some years the rains don't come
And some years floods clear out the plains
But if those waters wash this town away
I would still have enough 
If she was with me

I've got a roof overhead, the stars if I choose
But I've got no itch to fly, got no need to move
I've got almost nothing 
But I understand
That I don't need anything that I don't have
I don't need anything that I don't have.

- Glen Phillips, Don't Need Anything

Once again, a home run by Mr. Phillips and crew. I left the theater feeling happy and alive and satisfied and excited. I know that no matter what happens in the next 5.5 months, and no matter what I encounter in my new life on Tortola, I can turn to my trusty iTunes playlist and all will be well. 

And maybe if I'm reeeeally lucky Ryan will come through on his idea to come play in the BVI. :) I think they'd really dig him there!


  1. I'm glad you're getting to check a few things off your list. I'm sure you'll make a few trips back home just to see your man again :)

    It sounds like everything is looking up for you. I'm proud of you, I love you and I miss you!

    -Amanda L.

    1. Thanks lover. I appreciate your love and support. Let's make sure that I see you when I'm down for the Disney 1/2 over Labor Day weekend, mkay? I can't leave the country without seeing you! I miss you, too. We need to catch up soon.